Accepting payments quickly and easily is a huge part of growing your business. This is why we are constantly working hard to make this a simple process for you!

Introducing SecureLink Client Invoicing!

With SecureLink, you can send invoices directly to your clients, either in advance, or to settle an outstanding account.

Send professional invoices to your clients and let them pay instantly!

A SecureLink Invoice can be sent directly from the client account in the Diarize Me Console and can be sent to any email address the client chooses.

Being an online invoice that is securely synchronised with Diarize Me, the information that the client sees is always up to date. If you capture a payment, it instantly reflects on the SecureLink Invoice so the client will always have an up to date copy of their account with you!

Accept Client Credit Card Payments

SecureLink is directly integrated with Diarize Me Online Credit Card Processing, which means that if you have our Online Credit Card feature enabled, your clients will be able to pay their invoices with their credit cards, directly from their SecureLink Invoice!

SecureLink Payment Options


For more information on SecureLink or on activating Online Credit Card Processing, feel free to contact us!