QContact is the complete communications platform for your business.
Allowing you to handle all your calls, e-mails, social media messages, live chat, enquiry forms and more in a single unified platform from one vendor.

QContact is more than just a phone system, or a ticketing system. It’s a fully joined up platform giving you a complete 360-degree view of your customer and the journeys they are taking with your business. QContact provides you a complete CRM system, allowing you not just to handle your customer’s conversation, but to store all their customer information, view previous correspondence, automate follow ups, trigger workflows, and much more.

The QContact and Diarize Me integration allows you to configure availability, services and staff within Diarize Me and have this visible and bookable from within your QContact channels by clients, or agents. Booking slots are automatically updated within Diarize Me and pushed to QContact.

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