Online bookings are a big part of what we offer to all of our customers. While online bookings are not a requirement, they are a great way to get new customers and let existing ones book an appointment, 24/7.

When a customer makes an online booking, the staff member or receptionist receives a notification via SMS and email of the online booking, and it appears automatically in your Diarize Me calendar. Magic! 🙂

The customer, on the other hand, doesn’t always get sent a confirmation SMS letting them know their booking has been made and giving them the date and time they chose. This happens when a business has disabled SMS notifications from the Diarize Me console. This is usually done in an effort to keep SMS costs down. While we charge the lowest possible fee for SMSs and give free SMSs every month, we can understand that cost is sometimes a factor.

Because of this, we have decided to make all SMS confirmations for online bookings free!

What does this mean?

Every month, Diarize Me customers will continue to get their free SMSs and can still top them up from the Diarize Me console. When a booking is made from the Diarize Me app or web console, standard SMS fees will still apply, and a credit will be deducted if the customer receives an SMS.

When a customer makes an online booking, Diarize Me will send them a confirmation SMS automatically (even if you have them disabled) to let them know that their booking was made successfully and to help prevent a no-show by giving them the date and time of their appointment.

The best part…you don’t have to pay for these SMSs and they will not be deducted from your SMS credits.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact us on 021 200 5889 or info@diarize.me.

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