Owning a salon or spa means that you are in the client services industry first and the beauty industry second. People always remember how they are treated and the success of your business could depend on how your customers feel when they leave your salon or spa! Here are 4 easy tips to help you improve your customer service and keep your clients coming back!

Be friendly from the start

While it’s somewhat of a cliche, greeting your customers in a friendly and professional manner with a smile goes a long way! Yes, especially on the phone! Speaking to someone on the phone who sounds pre-occupied or who simply wants to get off the phone as fast as possible leaves an awful impression. Doing something as simple as smiling has been shown to change your tone and improve customer service. 🙂

Remember the small things

Clients love to think that they are your favourite and to feel special, so when a client tells you about their child’s birthday coming up, ask them about it. Make a client note with things to remember and glance at them before seeing them next time. It gives you something to talk about and your client will be blown away that you remembered! It costs nothing and goes a long way.

Communication is key

Remember to always listen to your client’s opinions or suggestions. They aren’t experts in the field but they know what looks good on them and what they are comfortable paying for. If a client asks for a new style, ask for a picture or ask them to give specific details. Asking questions doesn’t show uncertainty, it shows them that you care and want to make them happy. Make a client note when you change something so you remember what you did the next time around. 🙂

Appointment reminders

Something as simple as sending a client an appointment reminder shows that you run a professional business and respect their time. Nothing is more frustrating when a client doesn’t arrive to an appointment because they forgot. Set an automatic reminder to go out via SMS or email the day before their appointment. If you are running late, call your client and tell them how late you are running. It’s not about letting them see how rushed you are, it’s about respecting their time. Clients will appreciate this and keep coming back.